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RedCard is the name of the retail loyalty program of Target Corporation, which is the most popular in the United States among retailers. This program can be used by anyone and is seamlessly integrated with the payment methods of customers. Since Target’s loyalty card has lower barriers to entry than other loyalty programs, it can personalize its marketing and advertising to consumers.


Target Redcard Login comes in three forms: as a Target Mastercard(open circuit card), as a credit card available only in stores, or as a debit card. The debit card is linked to customers’ checking accounts and the credit card allows users to load in-store purchases or use their credit card to shop online at Target-branded Mastercard can be used anywhere Target Mastercard is accepted.

This article is primarily about the Target Redcard Login debit and credit card, not Target Mastercard.

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Target Redcard Sign In has a high APR of 22.90%, which varies by market depending on the base rate. According to Experian, the average variable APR for credit cards as of April 5, 2018 is around 17%. Furthermore, there can also be up to a $40 late fee and a $29 refund fee when it comes to late fees. TD Bank, USA is offering Target Mastercard Incorporated RedCards for customers who wish to combine the benefits of a RedCard with a more traditional credit card.

Target RedCard Sign In Process For First Time Users

The following Target RedCard Sign In steps will lead you through the application process for Target Redcard Sign In credit cards:

  1. Choose to access your card instantly through Target Wallet or wait for the physical card to arrive.
  2. Make sure you provide your contact information in the form. The information you need to provide is your name, phone number, email address, and your home address.
  3. Provide your name and income information. Please enter your date of birth, identification information, social security number, as well as your gross annual income in order to complete the application.
  4. Create the PIN.
  5. Once you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed for approval.

Steps And Stages Of Target Redcard Login

  • Register your Target credit card to access your online account. Go to the registration page and enter your credit card number. Please click on the “Start Registration” button and enter your name as well as your card expiration date, the last four digits of your CPF, and the 3-digit security code that you will find on the back of your card. Then click Next”.


  • Choose your Target credit card username and password. It is recommended that the password contains a minimum of eight characters and a maximum of twenty characters. These characters should be lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters, except.
  • On the Target Redcard Login page of the target site, fill in the username and password fields with your new credentials and click “Target Redcard Login” to access your account.
  • Once registered and logged in, you can manage your Target credit card account online. Target Redcard Payment of credit card bills, viewing credit card statements, monitoring account activity, and editing passwords and automatic Target Redcard Payment are some of the services available through Target Mastercard.

How To Reset Password?

  1. Visit the Target Redcard Sign In page and select I forgot my password.
  2. Enter the email address or mobile number associated with the target account in the Email or Mobile field.
  3. Select Reset password or Log in with a temporary code. Follow the instructions to reset your password
  4. A screen will appear asking you to enter the 6-digit code sent to you.
  5. After receiving the password reset code, enter the 6-digit code on the password reset page and select Confirm.
  6. If your password reset request does not meet the deadline of 12:00, your account will be locked.
  7. Create a new password using the requirements below and select Submit.
    • Must contain: 8 to 20 characters and 2 of the following:
    • small
    • Capital letter
    • Account
    • Special characters except < >


Know The RedCard Features

  • 10% Off Anniversary Coupon – 10% Off Anniversary Coupon – Every year after the cardholder’s birthday, you will receive a 10% off coupon via email. You must sign up to receive marketing emails from Target to receive your birthday coupon.
  • Target Subscription Special: This Target Program allows customers to select the items they wish to receive at a specific time of their choosing. While you automatically receive 5% back on your purchase price just for using the Program, Target deducts an additional 5% when you use your Target REDcard credit card.
  • 5% off Starbucks Store Purchases: The next time you buy Starbucks coffee at a Target store, use your Target REDcard credit card for a 5% discount.
  • Free Shipping on Online Orders: Free shipping applies to purchases made on using your Target REDcard or credit card. Certain conditions may apply.
  • Extended Return Policy: Purchases made with your Target REDcard credit card, whether in-store or online, offer an additional 30-day return policy. Certain conditions may apply.
  • Early Access to Upcoming Benefits: Target REDcard credit cardholders will be notified in advance of the public about upcoming events, promotions, and more. Certain conditions may apply.
  • REDcard Exclusives: Cardholders can purchase items that Target offers exclusively to them, and these deals usually only appear online. Certain conditions may apply.
  • 24/7 online access to card information: If you want to view your checking account balance or even make a Target Redcard Payment, you can do so at
Official NameTarget RedCard
Portal TypeLogin Portal
Managed ByRedCard

Some Benefits To Know Of Target

  • 5% off – This applies to most in-store purchases at Target and There are some exclusions like B. Eye exams at Target Optical or prescriptions prescribed at the store’s pharmacy.
  • Starbucks Deals and Gift Cards: You’ll also receive 5% off Starbucks purchases at Target stores, as well as 5% off gift cards for places like restaurants and movie theaters. If you’re an avid Target shopper, chances are you’ve already received these cards while waiting in line to pay.
  • Free two-day shipping from In a clear attempt to compete with Amazon, Target is promising free two-day shipping on purchases made with its “thousands of items” RedCard. Even if you don’t get two-day free shipping on your item, you still get free standard shipping.
  • Additional Time to Return Items: RedCard users have an additional 30 days to return items purchased from Redcard Target. So if you’re weighing the merits of buying a new one, you can save yourself the extra time needed to make your decision by purchasing the item with your Target RedCard.
  • Clearance and Weekly Deals: You have the opportunity to get an extra discount on Target clearance items and Redcard Target Weekly Deals when you shop with this card.
  • 10% Annual Coupon – This is a discount given on the anniversary of your card membership, but you must sign up for targeted marketing emails to receive it.
  • Exclusive Offers and Promotions: You can get additional coupons and exclusive offers for RedCard members. These offers change over time.

What Are The Different Target Redcard Payment Methods?

Payment In Person

Redcard Target Store shoppers can recharge their batteries with a latte. Target REDcard holders can get 5% off their Starbucks store purchases. Once there, go to the Customer Service desk, and present the Customer Service agent with your bank statement or Target REDcard so they can find your account number. The employees can then use the account number to accept Target Redcard Payment from the Target invoice and apply them to your Target Target invoice and apply it to their Target ply them to the account.

Payment By Mail

You must submit your payment five to seven days before the payment due date to ensure it arrives on time. All Target REDcard credit cardholders receive a paper invoice each month. Customers can remove the section below and ship using the envelope provided.

If you lose your account statement, please use the following payment address:

Destination map services

DUST. Box 660170

Dallas, TX 75266-0170

When you send your payment minus the check, include your Target REDcard account number in the notes section of the check so the payment processor knows which Target customer account to credit.


Payment Over The Phone

Another way to pay by credit card is to call Target REDcard’s customer service team at 800-424-6888. Follow the automated instructions or ask to speak with a Target Guest Service representative. Your payment will be credited to your account within two business days.

Payment Online

If you wish to pay with your REDcard online, log in to your Target REDcard account and enter your username and password.If you wish to pay with your REDcard online, log in to your Target REDcard account and enter your username and password. When the “Manage my REDcard” screen appears, click “Schedule Payment” under the “Payment Information” tab on the left side of the screen. Follow the instructions to withdraw your payment from your checking or savings account.

As long as you pay before 5pm. Central Standard Time, published the same day.

About Target

Target Corporation (NYSE: TGT), based in Minneapolis, serves customers at 1,782 stores across the United States and on The company plans to open its first stores in Canada in 2013. Since 1946, Target has donated 5% of its profits through donations and community programs; Today, that donation is worth more than $4 million a week. Learn more about Target’s commitment to corporate responsibility.

Target, officially known as Target Corporation, is the second-largest discount retailer in the United States. Founded in 1902 as Dayton Dry Goods, it was ranked 33rd on the Fortune 500 in 2010. It has more than 1,700 locations across the United States and announced its expansion to Canada in January 2011.

Target REDcard is a card offered by Target and there are different types of Target REDcard including Target debit card, Target credit card, and Target Visa credit card to make shopping at Target easier and cheaper. It also offers savings and benefits for cardholders.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the terms and conditions of the Target Red Card Payment Login?

The Target RedCard, issued by TD Bank USA, is a credit card that is available for purchase at the retail store.

Can a Target debit card be declined?

Yes. As with any retail card, if you don’t meet certain criteria, you may be declined.

Is my Target RedCard accepted at Target stores?

As long as Mastercard is accepted anywhere and you have a Target RedCard Mastercard credit card, you can use it anywhere that Mastercard is accepted, as well as using a Target RedCard credit card or Target debit card at Target stores and at

How do I pay for my Target RedCard?

You can pay your Target RedCard credit card online. With the Target RedCard debit card, money comes directly from your checking account when you use it.

Can you tell me how long it takes for the Target RedCard to be credited to my account when it is redeemed?

Your Target RedCard can be added to your Target account immediately if you are automatically approved.

How do I close my Target RedCard?

You can call Target’s toll-free number or email to close.

Bottom Line

If department store shopping is your daily routine, the Target Red Card Payment Login credit card from Target offers an affordable, low-cost way to shop at Target. Nearly every purchase you make as a cardholder is eligible for the basic 5% cashback, giving you tangible savings every time you shop at Target.

The only real downsides to this card are the variable APR of 24.40% and the discount-based rewards program that doesn’t allow you to earn points. But considering the huge discounts you get with the card, rest assured you will get a piece of plastic.

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