Reset Credentials

Target Red is an American discount retail company founded in 1902. It is headquartered in Minnesota. Membership of this company’s red card entitles the user to receive rewards and discounts when someone uses it in a store.


The Target RedCard credit card allows users to monitor card activity through an online system, in the same way that customers verify their bank accounts. You need to register with them through an online account. Cardholders can set alerts for a specific balance amount and also monitor card activity and review rewards.

How Can You Reset Your Username And Password?

If you have forgotten your Target RedCard account username or password, you can reset it online by following the steps below.

Step 1 – Open the Target Manage My RedCard login page

Step 2 – Click the Forgot Username or Password? link. can be found just below the application form.

You will have two options:

  • Forgotten username
  • Did you forget your password

i-Forgot My Username: You will be redirected directly to the username reset page. You will see a page similar to the image below.

The next step will require you to enter your email address after you click the link. Click the Submit button to continue. You will receive instructions for recovering your username via email. You can also retrieve your username from your RedCard information.


Just click the “Get username with card info” link in the “Forgot username” form.

Enter your card number and click the Get Started link. forgot your username?

ii-Forgot My Password: After clicking on Forgot username or password? click the Forgot your password? link. The new password reset form will appear on the screen (as shown below).

Enter your username and email address in the fields provided and click the submit button. You will receive an email with instructions for resetting your old password and creating a new one.